Mammoth eBike
A hybrid vehicle like nothing you’ll see on the roads before!
Constructed and manufactured in Ukraine.
Main business characteristics:
Variety of prices on e-bicycles in range of $3000-6000

Young market with significant growth potential

Narrow focus on the target audience

Highly fragmented market, absence of monopoly
Target audience
trend-setters, enthusiasts and responsible bicyclists
Key product features
stylish, technically tailored, environmentally friendly
Required product’s specific features on a functional and emotional level:
advanced technology and quality of equipment

design, brand and appearance
We decided to move forward and break the rules. Mammoth eBike – a hybrid vehicle like nothing you’ll see on the roads, the Mammoth bike blends traditional pedal-power with 3 kW of pure-electric thrust, all bolted to a motocross-inspired frame. Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.
With 250mm of rear wheel travel, paired-up with a 200mm front end, the Mammoth bike drives through an advanced 9-speed sequential gearbox and stops with confidence, thanks to Sram Guide RS hydraulic disc brakes.
Top Speed: 85km/h
Range: up to 100km
Noise @ 50km/h: 45dB
Covering up to 100km on a single charge, whilst churning out a top speed in excess of 85km/h, the Mammoth bike is the pinnacle of hybrid-electric engineering. And with 3 performance modes on offer, the Mammoth’s top speed can be limited to 35km/h, or wound out to deliver a thrilling 85km/h top-end.
Power: 3 kW (3000 Watts)
Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity : 2 kWh
Recharge Time : 2 hours
Charge : Standard 110-240V
We've built and successfully tested our own ecosystem with strong IP.

Modular frame parts, allows you do unfold your bike in 4-5 min. (patent pending).

2 types of gearboxes with a universal mount system give you flexibility in price range and final equipment (patent pending).

High torque 3 kW motor-wheel with 3 external power connectors and 5pins for hall and temperature sensors (patent pending).

Batteries are complete with custom made BMS that for years demonstrate sustainable performance.
Ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is everything!
Mammoth eBike is all about freedom. Our main idea was to design an ebike that can bring you an undiscoverable feeling of adventure...
Tech Partners
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Mammoth eBike successfully started its first production line in 2018, delivered bikes from Ukraine to USA and local market
John Boynton, Chairman at Yandex
on his Mammoth eBike XC
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